QTES grabbed data from the global 100+ exchange for transactions, and made profitable transactions at high frequency. It can solve the problem that it is difficult for investors to use quantitative trading strategies. Provide digital currency, stocks, futures, commodities, forecasting contracts and other financial products exchange, promotion, community maintenance services for token holders.


Create and publish invariant research papers on robot strategy and performance for investors to help create an ever-improving market for cryptographic systems tools.

Financial Algorithm Engineer

Financial experts and developers using powerful QTES can easily design, deploy, and profit from their own robotic advisors and other financial inventions.


Beginners and professional investors use artificial intelligence-driven Advisory mechanisms to make smarter decisions that ultimately yield higher returns and reduce the risk of encrypting their money investments.

Powerful ecosystem

Through financial technology, QTES plans to combine the powerful functions of artificial intelligence and large data with block chain technology and digital financial markets to provide a complete ecosystem for the financial sophisticated applications of digital assets.


QTES Compatible with mainstream exchanges

We offer competitive cutting-edge applications and robotic consultants that leverage our proven patent prediction algorithms and other technologies that have not yet been commercialized.
Whether the market is in a long or short market, investors will have the opportunity to use quantitative trading strategies to make profits as long as there are differences between different trading pairs and exchanges. QTES can automatically select the best trading pairs in the reserve pool, complete the quantitative trading settings and open high-frequency automatic trading, through trading and mining gains. Users can choose the best time to ensure transaction depth.

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Because of many uncertainties in digital money (including but not limited to: the macro-environment in which countries deal with digital money regulation, fierce competition in the industry, and technical loopholes in digital money itself), we can not guarantee the success of the project, and the project has a certain risk of failure.


CCSK refers to well-known cryptodigital currencies

Project return

The project team made it clear that it does not promise any return and does not promise direct or indirect damage caused by any project

Right of interpretation

The sole interpretation of this project belongs to the CCSK Singapore Foundation.